Friday, July 18, 2008

Well, it only took me a little over two years, but I have finally figured out how to get my account up and running. The challenge was that I was trying to set it up so that my blog would be hosted by my website, and it turned out to be a far more complicated process than I had anticipated.  Complicated for me, anyway; sufficiently-so that I abandoned the attempt back in June of 2006 when I created my account.

I have been posting intermittently to my blog in the interim, but after posting about a dozen composition-related entries there over the past few days it occurred to me that if anything goes awry at MySpace -- if their servers go down, or someone somehow hacks into my blog, or the like -- all of my blogs could be lost, which would displease me profoundly.  

This prompted me to investigate once again, because it seems like it might be safer to host my blog entries at my own website.  Who knows, maybe this is delusional thinking, but it's what got me to spend a few hours today (with my daughter's help!) trying to get this blog up.  

In case anyone was wondering...

In any event, I'll be posting my composition-related blogs from MySpace here over the next few days, and I hope people enjoy them.

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